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This is the Cooper Charger.

It works with worldwide voltages. It comes with a UK plug. If you order internationally then you will be sent the plug for your country automatically. 


It is a complex charger with a simple terminal allowing for a quick connection to the car/truck/forklift/caravan/motorbike which are 12volts and any type of battery including AGM and lithium ion which will change its charging profile automatically without any intervention from the user. The user simply connects the cooper charger to the cooper cable (sold separately see items for sale) for an external charging connection allowing the car to remain locked and bonnet closed the entire time which is perfect for charging your car overnight securely and allowing car show rooms to keep their cars batteries full and all their car doors locked.


It allows the users to not be locked out of their car due to their car battery going dead as the connection is made externally rather than having to unlock the car to open the bonnet to charge the battery enough to power the central locking.


This charger also has a repair function which helps desulfate dead batteries which can revive batteries which have been mistreated or are aged saving you the cost of having to buy a brand new battery.


The simple terminal hook up is secure and tough. It is an elegant solution to secure charging at the home or business.


Cooper Charger Land Rover Anti lockout charger 12v for all types of 12V battery

SKU: Cooper Charger
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