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The latest Version 4 Fully plug and play and compatible with the cable and connectors which already exist in every L322 Range rover both Domestic and International. 


The upgraded camera has the benifits of all previous upgraded cameras and more. 


  1. Wider angle lens than ever before
  2. Disable or enable parking lines yourself at any time (just by cutting the white wire)
  3. Fully adjustable lens allowing you to see what is immediately behind you for towing/parking/trailers
  4. Fully waterproof with 1 year warrenty
  5. Simple harness system which makes installation effortless. (installation is 5 minutes and only requires 10mm socket)


Thank you for visiting us and taking advantage of our upgrades to increase your Range rovers Functionality and value :]




L322 2005-09 Reverse Adjustable Camera Upgrade Version 4

SKU: L322 Camera Version 4
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