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Once installed on to the negative terminal of your battery you can remotely enable and disable the battery which will solve any battery drain problems should you have any if you leave your car unattended for any length of time especially if you put your car in Long storage you can use this device to isolate the battery to prevent any battery drain issues and improve security as nobody will be able to start your vehicle without this device being enabled by the remote


This device works universally on all cars simply by removing the negative terminal on the battery you wish to isolate and and then putting this device in its place and this simple easy install or increase your security especially on those cars with RFID TV remote key fobs which have shown to to be security vulnerability is as the battery needs to be turned on for the car to be able to start


If you have a secondary battery case which is also purchased from this site then you can insert it on the rear battery and that will allow you to have control of the accessories that you have used on that rear battery as this device allows you to turn off and on any circuits connected to the battery that it's installed on this revolutionary device will now improve security t&A and convenience for any car that is installed on

Remote battery isolator

SKU: Remotebattery
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