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Universal CooperJump Cables - Like AA & RAC Recovery Jump Leads


The cable is 2.5 meters long and contains an inline cirucuit which prevents the target vehicle requing to be jumpstarted from back-charging your vehicle so all power is directed to the target vehicle improving chances of starting the target vehicle from a completely dead battery even if the target vehicle also has a weak alternator because of this inline circuit embedded in the cables. a break-through in jumpstarting vehicle. 


Use to cjumpstart or connect a from a cooper cable which is also listed on this website which provides a connector at the front of your car to easily attach to allowing external connection to your cars battery.


Works as a universal external port for a Cooper battery charger (Cooper battery charger sold seperately look in my items for sale) for a seamless external battery charge on any car or truck without having to unlock your car or truck. you can also jump-start your car or truck with our Cooper jump pack (Cooper jump pack sold seperatey please see items for sale)



Works for Motorcycle , Forklift and Lorries and 12/24v systems. 


This product is part of the "Cooper" line. anything in this line will seamlessly connect and work together.

Universal Cooper Jump Cables - Like AA & RAC Recovery Jump Leads

SKU: Cooper Jump Cables
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