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Universal Cooper Truck charge and jumpstart and double battery cable. Condition is "New". Dispatched


The cable is 2 meters long allowing it to reach from the battery posts to the front grill if you want it there or underneath the car if you wish to place the charging port there. If you need or want to place the port anywhere else , let me know via the live chat or in the order notes and i will lengthen or shorten the cable to suit your needs .2meters is the sweet spot for the l322 and l320


Use to charge  or jumpstart or connect a second battery to any truck or forklift huge power thick cables for high current industrial use. This Cooper charge cable will also prevent you from being locked out in the event of a dead battery unable to use central locking. 


Works as a universal external port for a Cooper battery charger (Cooper battery charger sold seperately look in my items for sale) for a seamless external battery charge on any car or truck without having to unlock your car or truck. you can also jump-start your car or truck with our Cooper jump pack (Cooper jump pack sold seperatey please see items for sale)



you can connect two batteries together or doubling the amount of current a load/tool/car/truck requires by purchasing two Cooper cables and attaching them to each battery then connecting the two grey cooper Connectors together. Your connections for the tool can then be tapped off either batteries terminals to be provided with double the amount of current a single battery would provide.


Works for Forklift and Lorries and 12/24v systems. 


This product is part of the "Cooper" line. anything in this line will seamlessly connect and work together. The jump pack and charger will work with this cable for example. Everything will be plug and play. 

Universal for Land Rover Truck Cooper charge and jumpstart anti-lockout cable

SKU: Cooper Cable
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