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Shipping policy dictates items can be shipped at any time when they are finished or when products are in stock and customers can use live chat to request an update or cancel at the sellers discretion because they are custom made products. When Purchasing anything From the Site You Agree To The store Policy . Any Defective or unsatisfactory products must be brought to the attention of me via live chat or email first before opening a credit card dispute. You Agree to waive your credit card  dispute if you do not do this. 


The Return and Exchange is at the the discretion of the seller as all items on the website are custom made. but using the live chat will let buyers ask for updates on their order or ask for a return if the seller accepts. if the item if defective the buyer must prove the item is defective with photos and or video and let the seller have the item for inspection too. then the seller can send another item out to replace it . the seller will triple check the item to make sure it is not defective before it is shipped to ensure it is not a problem again. but no refund is guaranteed. 

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